5 Myths of laser Hair Removal

Are you one of those people who are unsure about “Laser hair removal”? Then worry not I’m here for you, I was once like you too. I wondered day and Night how it works? What does it cost? Am I a qualified candidate?

Well I researched and learned a lot in that process, Today I bring to you these 5 Myths that each of us have been hearing about laser hair removal. After reading this you might change your mind and get yourself an appointment very soon. Here are the 5 Myths, Let’s begin.

# 1 Laser Hair Removals are Costly?

When compared to shaving, laser hair removal is costly. Particularly because you’re often comparing the bulk price of a packet of razors versus a series of laser hair removal treatments.

But you’re also saving a bunch in terms of time and hassle when you opt for laser hair removal. Just imagine no longer having to do the weekly shower wiggle as you attempt to shave all your important bits.

Utmost people see significant (like 70%-90%) hair reduction in as little as four sessions, and then they don’t have to worry about hair removal at all.

Plus as laser hair removal gets more popular, the cost has been reducing. A single session now costs about the same as a wax, but with laser you don’t have to keep making those payments year after year.

# 2 Laser Hair Removals are Painful?

While the idea of having lasers directed onto your skin sounds painful, in reality it’s not so bad.

Sure, you’ll feel something (that’s how you know it is working). But most people liken it to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

# 3 Laser Hair Removals are Just for Women?

While laser hair removal is popular among women, I have seen more men telling me about having to go through laser treatments every year. Sure they might not be telling their mates, but they are raging to us about the benefits of laser hair removal for men.

Laser hair removal can be used to treat unwanted hair on men’s back, arms and chest. I have seen many men also using laser hair removal to treat hair along the neck and jawline to create a smooth, polished look.

# 4 Laser Hair Removals are Permanent?

Well this one is quite true.

In between sessions you will notice your hair growing back. This is because your hair grows at different times and the laser only targets hair in the active growth stage.

So you will need to come in for a few sessions at regularly spaced time in order to target all your hair.

After that you may notice a few stray hairs coming back every now and then. But most of the people using laser hair removals report a 70% to 90% reduction in hairs that never grow back.

# 5 Laser Hair Removals are for Certain Skin Types?

Well you’ve probably heard that you need to have light to medium skin tone and dark hair for laser hair removal to be effective.

When the experts first discovered that lasers could be used to remove unwanted hair, it’s true that only certain skin and hair combinations could be treated.

As the treatment has advanced, new lasers have been developed to treat a range of hair and skin types.

Laser hair removal can now be used to treat all sorts of skin types.

Hope this helps you make your mind and clear those doubts about laser as well, Visit Premier Laser & Skin today for a life changing experience.

Say bye to those waxing and shaving days and get laser done for faster and better results.

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