Do you have the desire for smoother skin complexion or fair skin tone? Premier can serve you much more than that. We are not just a laser treatment clinic but a professional franchise that deals with safety and effectiveness of treatments with elevated pricing and customer satisfaction backed with top dermatologists in Pakistan. We offer even services for both men/women, whether you want to reduce unwanted hairs from any body parts, or willing to diminish facial and expression lines with sun spots and age spots due to lack of pigmentation.

At Premier, we strive to fulfill and exceed your expectations to bring out the best features hidden inside your skin. Our technically advanced and surgically improvised aesthetic equipments have surpassed the old fashion of medical, laser and cosmetic dermatology services.

Recommended By The Best Dermatologists & Cosmetologists Of Karachi !!!

Dr. Prof. Hatim Ali Shah

Dr. Prof. Hatim Ali Shah
MBBS (DOW), D.D.Sc. (UK)
M.Sc. Dermatology (UK)
Specialist For Skin, Hair & Nails
(Head Of the Department)
Days: Tue-Wed-Fri

Dr. Prof. Ijaz Ahmed

Dr. Prof. Ijaz Ahmed
(Head of the Department)
Ziauddin Clifton Karachi
Days: Mon to Sat


Dr. Jafar Imam

Dr. Prof. Jafar Imam
Specialist in Skin, Hair & Nail
Cosmetologist & Laser Therapist
(Assistant Prof.)
Liaqat National Hospital
Days: Mon-Thu-Sat

Dr. Najia Ashraf

Dr. Najia Ashraf
(United Kingdom)
Every Tuesday